Our instruments represent us at important cultural and social events at home and abroad: Lúčnica, SĽUK, Banda, Orchester golden violin, Robert Puškár, Peter Párničan, Jiří Stivín, Veronika Vitázková, Gérard Widmer – Naturton, Roderick Zeig, Marco Trochelmann, Winfried Skrobek, Stephen Rowely, Paolo Gaveli, FS Ondráš from Brno, FS Podpoľanec and many other folk ensembles as well as fujarists… Our fujaras were endowed with heads of state in meetings with our President such as the Japanese Emperor Akihito or King of Norway Harald.

For their precise production, great sound, great tuning, as well as the fact that we have perfected this unique instrument first and only ever to a professional concert instrument capable of playing with any other instruments, with the possibility of tuning it to the desired frequency of tones – appreciated by professional instrumentalists, we have received the highest awards Instrumentum Excellens and  Golden Fujara.

Fujara is a slovak bass, cylindric,  3 hole edge-pipe with ingenious air feed. It has unique musical-acoustic features. Soft baritone colour of flowing tones with the possibility of dynamic expression from pianissimo to mezzoforte, natural tuning with characteristical lack of sharp sensitive tones with relevant touch elements this altogether makes the fujara an instrument of unique characteristics and instrumental qualities. Fujara’s real home is Slovak mountain area of central Slovakia, Podpoľanie which spreads under Poľana Mountain. It’s occurence in Slovakia is world unique.

Fujara – ‚the queen of flutes‘ – is an istrument which splendidly and baladicaly speaks about depths of human soul, joys, happiness, worries and griefs. Its sombre and murmuring voice, man inhaled poetry, can amazingly reveal the secluded inner places of human emotions and internally caress the spirit.

By its voice, fujara creates a wood choir, which in the beginning is a reverbiation of our forrests with gradually descending tones as if hopping along vast fields, meadows and pastures enfreshed of mountain stream splashes comes down from the hills to sit down as a tired plowman in front of his house and with deep murmuring tones praise the dawn and dim forrest hum.

Fujara is an istruments of shepherds. Purpose of fujara melody was to calm down the sheeps and provide them with better graze. The shepherd rounds his herd with fujara, it is then tamer, calmer and they better stick together. The so called ‚welfare effect‘ was gained. Effect of better comfort for animals whis is later seen on their vitality and efficiency.